Why Porosity IS Important

You ever wonder why certain products work perfectly for that one youtube influencer, but not so much for you??

We've dealt with the same pains, sis.

Not only do we have to learn about our texture, curl type, etc., we have to also learn our hair porosity and how it works.

Porosity refers to how well your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture. It is affected by the flexible outer hair layer called the cuticle, which determines how easily moisture and oils pass in and out of your hair. (sourced from


High Porosity hair can easily suck in moisture,oils and water. However, with highly porous hair, it is very difficult to retain moisture. Think of High Porosity as that one Cocoa Butter Lotion (basically water). You add moisture into your hair and then after a while, you feel dry again and need to add more moisture.

High Porosity has been associated to those who chemically process their hair, use heat or other heavy styling methods. It can also be passed from genetics. You can determine if you have High Porosity hair if your hair tends to break easily, lacks shine, tangles easily, and air dries very quickly.

Now, please don't think of high porosity as a bad thing. You just need to add a few more steps to your regime. For High Porosity hair, some of you may have heard of the LOC method. Basically, start off with a Liquid, follow up with an oil and then lock in with a cream or butter. Some also likes to include a spray bottle of water to keep their hair damp while styling.

To successfully complete the LOC method, we recommend starting off with a water based moisturizer (or water/aloe vera/leave-in conditioner), then follow up with your favorite oil ( we hope Lemon Squeeze Or Glow & Grow) and then a hair cream with more heavier oils/butters. Also, for High Porosity hair, we recommend rinsing with cool water as hot water can raise the cuticles more.

For high porosity beauties, we suggest looking for products with more dense ingredients like castor oil, butters, flaxseed, hemp seed, aloe vera, and other thicker products/ingredients. Also, don't forget the water! Your hair is thirsty for it. Clarifying products may not be best fit to always use as your hair needs all of the moisture/nutrients it can get, and clarifying products are meant to strip/clarify your hair from oil, dirt, etc..


Low Porosity is when the hair cuticles are basically sealed shut. Most with Low Porosity hair will notice a lot of build up and/or hair will feel weighed down from the product. Almost as if the dang product didn't absorb into your hair shaft.

That's exactly what is happening. Low Porosity hair is tightly sealed, so it can be a bit difficult to get product into the hair. What I've personally noticed with having Low Porosity hair, is that water will easily slide down my hair and it takes FIVE EVER to dry.

Cold water is NOT your best friend, as it will keep the hair cuticle sealed. Instead, it is recommended to add heat to your conditioning and styling regimes. Using heat will allow the cuticle to open up and welcome the moisture you are wanting to add to your hair.

Using a heat cap for deep conditioning are also recommended. Now, when we say heat, we don't mean go and use a straightener or put your blow dryer on the highest heat setting! We mean by using warm water, heat caps that can be microwaved or placing a plastic bag on your hair and creating self heat. Some have also used a steamer to keep the cuticles open while styling.

Now, when styling Low Porosity hair, avoid using super heavy products. Low Porosity hair is also prone to build-up, so clarifying shampoos may be good to add in your regime. Water Based Products are still and will always be our best friend. Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Honey, and other film forming ingredients are good ingredients to look for, when having Low Porosity hair.

NEI Beauty Products We Recommend: HIGH POROSITY

Matcha Dreams Hair Care System

Not to be biased, but every product in this line will work for High Porosity hair.

Matcha Dreams' focus is to help repair, condition, grow and nourish the hair. This product line has a range of products infused with dense ingredients perfect for LOC method and those who have high porosity hair + thicker hair textures.

Matcha Dreams is available for purchase August 29th, 2020!

Glow & Grow Oil

Our Glow & Grow oil is a dense oil that helps towards regrowth, softens and moisturizes the scalp & hair, plus it helps prevent breakage/split ends. This oil is infused with Black Castor Oil, Black Seed Oil, Cerasee Leave Extract and Hempseed Oil.

NEI Beauty Products We Recommend: LOW POROSITY

Citrus Goodies Hair Care Line

Most of the Citrus Goodies products are water based and infused with natural humectants, light absorbing oils and other natural ingredients to help soften, hydrate, and repair your natural curls & coils. We've infused real citrus fruit to help increase blood circulation and provide subtle moisturizing benefits.

Overall, learn your hair porosity Beauty!

It is important to know in order to keep your hair healthy and happy.

So remember, Low Porosity needs heat to open up the cuticle and High Porosity needs LOC and cool water to seal in. Low Porosity dries slower and High Porosity dries quicker. Low Porosity Beauties experience more build up= clarifying products. High Porosity experience lack of moisture= Heavier Products/More steps in styling time.

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